To our knowledge, this is the Smallest Poodle in the World.





This is Mighty Mouse. He was born the size of a mouse, and that is how he got his name. He was not expected to live, but through determination and sheer will to live, he is still with us today. He is our pride and joy. We have full siblings and half siblings for sale from time to time. His father is our 2 pound 8 ounce Coco. His mother is our 4 pound Lil Bit, who comes from 12 years of our crossing 2 pound males on females that got big enough to safely have pups(2 pound females do not get big enough to pass babies. We keep 4 pound females out of 2 pound males). The females are sired by tiny 2 pound males and carry the tiny genes. He has no inbreeding what so ever. He is just the product of breeding tiny poodles to tiny lines, bred back to tiny poodles. He is 6 inches tall, 6 inches long, 2 inches wide and weighs 1 pound 10 ounces. To show how small he is, I have shown him with my son's hamster, a playing card and in a coffee cup. These photos have not been altered. That is truly how small he really is.

Mighty Mouse was sold in 2006. He sold for $5000.

We do, however, have nieces and nephews of Mighty Mouse. Some are as small, if not smaller than he was. Call 405-788-9709 for more information. Thank you. Deana


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